How to get WordPress Plugins and Themes at a low price?


Recently I purchased a yearly membership at Nobuna for one of my clients and I’d say that my experience with them has been great.

They have almost all the premium WordPress plugins and themes available at a relatively low cost than you find them at Code Canyon or Theme Forest.

When it comes to WooCommerce, they have almost all of their plugins available and at a relatively low cost of around $16 to $30.

The good thing of all is, they have all the below companies’ plugins and themes available in their directory:

and much more!


Nobuna offers both monthly, 6-months and yearly subscriptions where you can download all the plugins on their website for free as you subscribe.

Here’s what they offer:

  • 10 Plugin/Theme Downloads each day.
  • Automatic Updates using their Nobuna Updates plugin.
  • All the plugins are under GPL, which means they don’t contain nulled or effective code which can do damage to your website.
  • All the plugins are at a relatively low price.

The only thing they don’t offer is the theme/plugin support.


Nobuna has three membership packages:

  • Monthly at a price of $15 per month.
  • Half-Year plan at a price of $49 every 6-months
  • Yearly price of $89

Now I know these seem like a bit high prices to you but their directory has plugins worth $30000 and you can get them at a single yearly price here. I have purchased a yearly membership for my client and I use his account too. I bought it for $64 by using a coupon.


I don’t know if this works now but try going to this link: Nobuna Club Offers.

Select “Sign Up for one year” and on the cart page use the following Coupon:


For a discount on the monthly package, please add the monthly package to your cart and use the following coupon code:

-> NOBUNA2018

The monthly price must be $12 now. Not so less but the discount is still a discount. Sounds good?

I recommend you to go with the Yearly plan since I bought that one and it has been beneficial for me so far. Let me know if the coupon codes worked for you in the comments below. If I find more valuable coupons anytime soon, I’ll add them here.

If you need any plugins which I can download from my Nobuna Account and give it to you, please contact me I’ll provide you for free.


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