Fiverr Order Completion Rate Calculator


Too lazy to find out if your Order Completion rate is correct? Use this Order Completion Calculator to calculate it within seconds.

How to use the Fiverr Order Completion Calculator

Find the orders completed & orders taken in the last 60 days: 

You can go to your Analytics in your Fiverr account and there you’ll see a graph. You can select from the upper-right dropdown “Last 3 Months” and then count the number of orders completed in two months as well as the number of orders cancelled.

Now, add the cancelled orders in the number of orders completed. This is your total number of orders taken and the completed order you already know. Put them into the fields above in the Order Completion Calculator and press “Calculate”, that’s it.

Calculating Manually

You can read more about the Order Completion rate on this article by Fiverr. According to Fiverr, this is how the Order Completion is calculated:

“The Order Completion formula is the number of cancellations subtracted from 100% over the last 60 days total of orders, including buyer-initiated, seller-initiated, mutual cancellations and Customer Support.”

Whereas, if you simplify this a bit, this is how it is:

It’s the following formula:  ( Total Orders Completed / Total Orders Taken ) * 100.

For example, You took 50 orders in the last 60 days, out of which 5 were cancelled, so there are actually 45 orders completed. So 45 Completed / 50 Taken * 100 = 90%. Makes sense eh?

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  1. Hi Afnan Abbasi,

    I have read your almost article and all are great and very helpful. I have a question about the 60 days resolution. Is the order completion, deliver on time and other things will reset if I don’t have any activity last 60 days. Or remain the same?

    Like: I have 60% order completion and 50% deliver on time, then what will happen after 60 days If I didn’t complete any order and getting any order something like no activity.

    Thank you

    • Hi,

      Thank you for reading the article and appreciating my work.

      Yes, you are right. If you do nothing much activity on Fiverr for 60 days, then after 60 days, your order completion, delivered on time, the response rate would be back to 100%.

      I don’t think that the reviews would be 5 stars after 60 days.


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