How to accept credit card payments on your website without using WooCommerce?

We all know how much of a tedious task it can be to set up WooCommerce on a website. Installing it, adding address information, including extra plugins for payment gateway integration, shipping methods, then...

How To Set Up hCaptcha in WPForms?

Are you getting too many spam submissions from your contact form and would like to make things better? You can do so by using a new spam protection service called hCaptcha. A lot of...

Creating a Multi-step Form in WordPress in just 3 Steps

Have you ever visited a website where you have one long-form which you have to fill? Annoying and overwhelming. But how about we divide the form into several sections, that will make it look...

The Ultimate Guide to Increase Fiverr Sales

Do you have low Fiverr sales and you think, "Umm, I think buyer activity is kinda slow on Fiverr nowadays for everyone" Well, guess what? It's only you. There are new buyers throughout the year...

How to check “Create an account” checkbox by default in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce has an option which lets customers create an account during the checkout process. This option can be helpful in a lot of ways - out of which the most important is that the...

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