The Ultimate Guide to Increase Fiverr Sales

Increase Fiverr Sales: A Complete Guide

Do you have low Fiverr sales and you think, “Umm, I think buyer activity is kinda slow on Fiverr nowadays for everyone”

Well, guess what? It’s only you. There are new buyers throughout the year on Fiverr having different tasks for Freelancers.

Look around, go to the first page of your category and see the gigs there. Some of them would have tons of orders in their queue.

It’s just your Gig, sadly. But the good thing is, you’re not the only one. This happens with like 90% of the sellers, the rest 10% just stop using Fiverr, maybe?

Of course, It does happens with me too. And I’m thankful that it happened with me too otherwise I wouldn’t be on here writing a solution to this. And if you’ve been reading my articles so far, you can see I’m in love with the topic of ranking Fiverr gigs and everything related to it.

Let dive into how this starts to happen and what the feelings are when things like these happen.

Why are my Fiverr Sales suddenly low?

“…Ah! I’m frustrated.” but if you look closely, You are probably doing something wrong.

If you’ve been cancelling like 10 orders and have your order completion to something like  70% and you’re on here reading this – I don’t know what to say to you? It’s pretty clear.

But if you have everything above 90%, and the sales suddenly dropped then it’s pretty reasonable for you to be here.

OR if you’re just starting out and there are like zero sales then maybe you should be here: How to rank a Fiverr gig, because this one is for the people who have pretty well ranked gigs and then suddenly the sales drop.

Below are some factors which affect your gig’s ranking in the search which results in lower amount of sales on Fiverr:

  1. Not even a little update in the gig for a very long time. (Very important)
  2. Too much cancellation of orders.
  3. Making changes in Gig which affect it’s ranking. (Changing Gig tags etc.)
  4. Excessive Lower Conversions (Buyers contact you, but never place an order.)
  5. Getting a warning (I’m not 100% sure about this one, but can happen in some cases.)

Update Your Fiverr Gig More Often

Did you know the fact that when you’re working on to writing content that ranks on Google, if you do regular updates to your content then Google loves it because it loves fresh and updated content?

Well, the same goes with Fiverr as well. I’ve always taken the Fiverr’s search similar to Google’s. If your Gig stays the same for like the last three years, you have to update it. Even it is a very little text change.

Would you like knowing about the fact: “You can call another person using your mobile phone”, in an article called “Everything you do not know Mobile Phones can do”? I won’t. Maybe Google doesn’t too? This isn’t the 80s. We want more updated information. Get it?

So update it, just for the sake of updating your Fiverr gig…

I don’t have anything to update, what should I do?

Not a problem. Have you ever thought of adding more FAQs to your gig? Because I do. When I keep getting the same type of questions from a lot of buyers, I just add it in the FAQs.

And that’s what FAQs are for, right?

Or if you see that other gigs are having a starting rate of $30 while you’re still selling your services at $5 then I think you should be updating it. Even though it sounds like a bad idea. It will definitely help you in long term.

Take my advice. I’m definitely here ready to be blamed, but I know you’ll thank me later.

Improve Your Gig Description

Most of the sellers have the same description for months and then suddenly their sales drop.

Note that I am not saying here to completely change each word of your description. That is risky, in fact.

But if you ever notice a grammar mistake in your description, feel free to correct that.

There are changes in the search algorithm often due to which you have to align with the algorithm. If you see other people on the Fiverr Forums say that they are experience a drop in the sales, then you should improve yourself.

Use a different set of Gig tags

Increase Fiverr Sales by changing your Gig Tags

Even though you should not update the Gig Tags that often, but sometimes a small change can be effective.

For example, suppose you are using “design” as a keyword on your logo design gig. You can change it to “Logo Design” to be more specific.

I talk about this in more details here: How to do Fiverr Keyword Research?

Look often for Buyer Requests

Most of us, when we become a bigger level seller such as level 2, stop looking at the buyer requests because we become too used to the automated system when the gig is ranked.

The thing is, in your free time when you have nothing to improve, you should be looking in the buyer requests to see if you find any interesting projects.

Mostly the buyer requests aren’t that interesting, but there are some buyers with easy/simple tasks offering $5 – $10. So that can help you somehow.

If you send the buyer requests correctly, you will get a good number of orders from there as well which can improve your ranking.

By doing the 10 requests daily, you can improve a couple of things:

  1. Your conversion rate
  2. Your $$
  3. Your reviews

This is one of those tips I mostly give to my friend as well. We almost forget buyer requests exist once we get used to the ranking system.

If it’s Holiday Season, Just wait

Note that, if you are having sudden drop in sales in the Months on January, February and December then that’s pretty natural. For those months, I make sure I always have Savings which I can put in to use in that period. I focus on more things in that time period, such as this blogging and marketing my stuff.

If your other months are low besides the Holiday seasons then you should look towards improving the things mentioned in this post.

Other Factors To Increase Fiverr Sales as a Starter

Increasing your sales also depends upon how you present yourself. Remember to always help yourself become a brand and increase your worth, that way you will always be able to get sustainable income from Fiverr even in holiday season.

Let’s have a look at some factors you should care about if you just started and do not have much sales on Fiverr previously:

Stand-out from other gigs in your Category

If you’re in a competitive niche, make sure to first have a look at every gig in your category which is ranking. You can have an idea about how you can present your own gig so that it can rank at a good place.

Of course this is not an easy step, but a good research can make it simpler and fun for you.

Let’s say for example, you want to create a gig in the Logo Design Category. The best way to do research about this will be to go to Fiverr’s category page for Logo Design. You can see the top gigs and how they have arranged their gigs. Following are the things you should get inspiration from for your gig:

  1. Description
  2. Image
  3. Packages & Pricing
  4. Gig tags (found at bottom of the gig page.)

Look for factors which other people’s gigs do not cover, then you can improve yours according to that. Make sure to be unique.

Set Competitive Pricing

You can give better or cheaper price as a starter. Note that you may have to work really hard to get reviews on your gig, so initially $5 – $20 orders are enough to get you there and to get you motived.

Use 3 Packages Pricing

For the gig’s pricing, make sure you use all the three packages wisely. I used to have only one package for my gig and at some point that resulted in me getting a warning because my pricing was not clear.

So make sure to not make the mistake I have made and surely use the packages feature. If you do a simple logo in $5, have that as the basic package and clearly state that you do a basic logo in that price. Then in higher packages add prices for more perfect logo design service.

For instance, have a look at these packages:

Fiverr gig packages

That’s from a Top Rated Seller and you can see how clear he has stated them which doesn’t leaves the buyer confused.

Have Your Own Photo As Profile Picture

Even though this is not mentioned often when it comes to ranking gigs, I think this factor is important as well. This can really boost your Fiverr sales because it builds trust. You have to be 100% original to be chosen by buyers, so make sure to get a professional picture taken of yourself (not something way too crazy like posing with a coffee mug with a weird smile though lol), just a decent image of yourself.

Now, some people also have images like these:

And it works for them because they have their usernames as brand names. (For example, elegantdesigns, designxpertz etc). So if you have your username as a brand name as well then you can choose to have a profile picture like this. But I’d recommend having a personal profile since sometimes coming up with a good brand name can be difficult.

Share Your Gig on Social Media

One more thing you can do is share your gig link to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts. That way you can get some clicks on it which will give you more fiverr gig views and this will increase your fiverr gig impressions in the search.

What You should NOT do if you’re having less Fiverr Sales

These tips above are all good if you follow them but there are some things which should not be done ONLY if you had your gig ranking before and suddenly experience a drop in sales:

  1. DONT change your gig title if your gig was ranking with the same title before.
  2. DONT go from $30 rate to a $5. If you had good time with a $30, I’d recommend you to stick with that and don’t downgrade yourself. You can change it to $20 if you really want to change it.
  3. DONT message other sellers asking them to give you work. That’s just a waste of time, also it’s not a good thing to do.
  4. DONT copy stuff from other people’s gigs, you will put your account at risk + there will be no uniqueness in your gig.


If you apply these changes and just be patient, I’m sure hopefully you will see some better results. If you have any questions regarding this, let me know in the comments below and I’d love to help. Good Luck!


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