10 Outstanding Tricks to Rank Fiverr Gigs on First Page in 2024


Fiverr is a marketplace where people went from earning $0 to making six figures of income yearly. There are people who have a full-time career on Fiverr.

Most of the people think that it’s just luck to make that much on a place like Fiverr, a place where services are sold at a minimum price of $5. I think people can earn 90% more if they Rank their Fiverr Gigs the correct way.

When you’re on the first page of Fiverr search, you are kinda famous. There are a lot of buyers placing orders on your gig on daily basis.

How can people become a millionaire on a website where services have a starting rate of $5?

Well, that’s just what you think, and probably what everyone thought a few years ago (in around 2014) When some of the sellers, taking it as a joke, made a profile on Fiverr. They started earning more than their regular job. Today, those sellers make a complete living from just Fiverr.

Here is a rough estimate of how much Fiverr earns daily:

The website has a daily unique visitors of about 2,518, 092. That’s too much buyer and seller traffic on daily basis.

Moreover, the site makes a monthly income of more than $600,000 from the profit they earn by buyer fee as well as seller order percentage they take.

You still think you cannot become a millionaire on Fiverr?

How Fiverr’s Search Algorithm Works

Fiverr’s Search Algorithm ranks gigs according to the number of reviews you get, your conversion rate, and Gig Tags & Description.

One needs to really use their mind to find out the top secrets which can help them rank better. As that is the only key to successful sales on Fiverr.

Before you give up on your account and delete your account with no hope of earning much on Fiverr, Follow my 11 personally tested and successful tricks to rank Fiverr Gigs:

1. Get Your First Order ASAP

If you want to build trust for buyers, you need to first have a review to get more clients to order your gig.

Something that can be done to fix this is to get someone to review your gig for you.

I’d generally recommend you to go with doing buyer requests every day and you will definitely get a buyer to contact you and buy your gig if you are doing things correctly.

When you have a review on the gig, your profile looks populated with some content and you become a rated seller. I recommend doing the best you can with your first order.

2. Do Proper On-Page SEO of your Gig

Just like we bloggers do SEO of our pages, on Fiverr you have to do the On-Page SEO on your Gig so that it appears higher in search results. This can do done with the help of keywords. Let’s have a look at it:

Add keywords to Gig Title

Only one keyword included in the Gig Title can help increase the chance of your Gig being ranked.

For Example: “I will fix WordPress issues for you right now” (Here “fix wordpress issues” is a keyword.)

Note: This is not always necessary, but this helps in most cases.

Add the right Keywords to Tags

When you’re creating a gig, on the “Overview” tab you’re asked to add 5 Gig Tags. These tags are to be used for entering keywords which buyers search for.

Tags in Fiverr
Tags in Fiverr

How to find the right keywords?

You can find the accurate keywords for your Gig by using search terms which the buyer may be using when they are looking for services.

Keywords in Fiverr
Keywords in Fiverr

For Example: if you’re selling WordPress Fixation services then search for “Fix WordPress” and a bunch of keywords will start appearing. Try adding the keywords in the tags just like: Fix WordPress, WordPress, Customization, Fix, Fix WordPress Issues.

Note that the above keywords can be used in combination, such as “WordPress” and “Customization” can make up “WordPress Customization” so that when someone searches for that, you Gig may appear on first page.

You can also check what tags other sellers have added in their gigs

By scrolling to the very bottom of a Gig, you will find the tags the seller has added in their Gig. This is how they look:

Add Keywords to description

In a similar way, you have to add keywords to your Gig Description as well but here’s a big TIP: Don’t over-do it. You can add the keywords in the beginning of your Gig Description.

Example: “Are you having WordPress issues? Worry not! Because I am an expert who has helped many clients Fix WordPress Issues.

You see a keyword “Fix WordPress Issues” but it doesn’t sound like I’m being forced to add it in the sentence, everything goes with the flow of the sentence.

Keywords also appear in your Gig URL

This is a good practice. Your Gig URL cannot be changed once your Gig is published, the link for the Gig is auto-generated from the Gig Title.

If the keywords are included correctly in the Gig Title, they will automatically appear in your Gig URL.

3. Make trustworthy clients

When you have made more clients who trust you, they’ll never hesitate in working with you again. You can even later contact them and ask if there is more work available for you.

In this way you’ll be able to always maintain your ratings and your cash-flow will be regular.

When working with buyers, make sure the price is good and you are focusing on their satisfaction. Don’t hesitate with doing multiple revisions.

4. Increase your conversion rate

Conversion Rate means how many new clients inbox you and end up having an order with you. You have to communicate better. More conversion rate also helps in ranking your Gig faster in search results.

As Fiverr will recognize that you are working on a daily basis and benefiting their platform, they’ll start benefiting you.

To check your conversion rate you usually have to Install the Fiverr App and on the main page you’ll see conversion in percentage.

5. Have a good Average Selling Rate

An Average selling rate is an average amount of earning you have with your orders on Fiverr. If you have almost all your orders over $50 consistently (without having any orders of $5 or $10 in between) then soon your Average selling rate will be $50.

Fiverr Search shows buyers Gigs according to their budget, so when buyers select a budget your Gig will be shown because your Average selling rate is according to their budget. This means that more Average selling rate means increasing cash.

This is something to be focused on from the beginning when you first start selling, as it becomes hard to change the Average Selling rate when you have around 1000 orders and AVG. Selling rate of about $15-$20.

I personally prefer something which I call “Order to earning ratio”, which is to have fewer orders but earn more. I have made $2000 with 70 reviews. If you set goals like these, you can become better at understanding and master the Fiverr Search Algorithm!

Pro Tips:

  1. If you have regular clients, ask them if you can work for them for a while and get a combined order of either $50 or $100 so you can maintain a good Average Selling rate.

6. Stay online 24/7

You have to always be online so that even when buyers select “Active Sellers” in search, your Gig will be shown.

To stay online always, make sure to Install the Fiverr app on your Mobile and always stay online from there.

If you use your laptop to stay active then that would be more better, but make sure it’s always connected to internet. Using a Laptop for work seems more professional.

7. Become a Higher Level Seller

All Fiverr seller levels help promote your Gigs. Initially, you’ll be a New Seller. To become a Level One Seller, the important factor that comes in is you have to earn $400 in total. For becoming a Level Two Seller, the Net Earning should be $2000.

It takes usually 1-2 months to become a level one seller if you’re doing things right and about 4-5 months to become a level two seller. These depends upon your niche though, and how much you are earning.

When you become a higher level seller, buyers can trust you more and will hire you.

Pro Tips:

  1. When your seller level changes, often times there is a drop in the earnings. I have experienced this and most of the people do, not sure if it’s a thing happening with everyone though. If you experience similar thing, just be patient and focus on quality work.

8. Promote your Gigs on Social Media

There comes a period when your Fiverr selling becomes way too low. This is because Fiverr wants you to spread the word. They want you to promote your service on Social Media.

This can be done by simply sharing it on your account. A better way would be go join groups about your niche and share it there. You can also help people anywhere online, and if they want to pay you give them your Fiverr Gig URL so they can place an order.

Pro Tips:

  1. Create your own social presence by creating a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page. By promoting the page, you can increase likes and share with a similar audience. You can even get hired by organizations or people on Facebook.
  2. Focus on helping people on Social Media instead of just looking around for money.

9. Create multiple gigs in the same category

To increase your chances of being hired, you can make multiple Gigs in the same category but different subcategories. For example: In WordPress you can make two gigs: one for “Bug Fixing” and other for “WordPress Speed Optimization”.

Pro Tips:

  1. Check what Gigs people of the same Niche as you are creating.
  2. You can create even more than two gigs.

10. Complete Regular Orders

Make sure to get new orders not weekly, but daily. At first it may take time to get orders daily but you can make some good clients so you get some orders daily.

Pro Tips:

  1. Contact Old buyers to ask if you have any new work and get new orders more often.

These tips can help out with ranking your Fiverr Gig if you do everything as explained. Don’t forget to check out 5 Steps to start making money through freelancing on Fiverr Just so you are not missing anything of these series of posts where I give Fiverr Tutorials to help you make more sales!

Before you leave…

Mistakes which I have made when ranking my Gig on Fiverr…

and you should avoid them!

  1. Add the Gig Title correctly on the first time you create your Gig. Your URL will be different otherwise. Don’t edit your Gig Title once it’s created.
  2. Don’t change Gig Image again and again. Make sure to do everything perfectly at once. Better have knowledge first and then start implementing at once.
  3. (I haven’t done this one myself but…) Don’t ask for reviews from your buyers!
  4. Don’t use the Fiverr App much, there are some features they still haven’t added yet. For Example: On Desktop version when you type “Email” in conversation, Fiverr shows you not to add that word. However on the App no such message is shown.
  5. Please take your time to read all Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Most of the people are doing mistakes but don’t know about them and get their accounts deleted by Fiverr.
  6. Please go through the Gigs and profile of other sellers in your Niche. Get a complete Idea of how people are doing things and then begin doing.
  7. Outsourcing work is not a good idea on Fiverr. If you outsource a $5 job. Fiverr takes $1 from you, then the person who’s working will take half the price that is $2 and what you get is $2. Very slow earning process.
  8. Don’t feel like “I can’t do this” because there are many Gigs in the same category and almost 60% of them are doing great because they do things the correct way.

Good Luck Selling on Fiverr!


  1. Great tips you have shared, but unfortunately, I am having hard luck on Fiverr. My gig isn’t showing in search result while gigs without reviews are showing in search results.

    • Hey, It’s sad that you are having a bad time in the marketplace. I really wish you good luck with things in future and want to encourage you to not give up as it happens with almost every seller. Keep learning and improving every day!

  2. Thank you for your guide. Today I am going to share some of top Fiverr ranking factors you must need to follow.

    Keyword in meta title and description
    Image name should be keyword
    Tag should be related to your gig keywords
    Response time
    positive review
    Positive review
    Delivery time
    Average Response Time
    Seller Level
    Number of order
    Relevant Tags
    Gig Performance (click, impression, and view)
    Response time on first order
    Online status of profile
    An outside backlink on gigs
    Conversion rate

    Review this gig ranking :


  3. Thanks for Unique Info!
    One Question , I wanna ask you. If my profile is old then can I start work on old profile?
    please let me know. Really your Blog is soo informative for new student and people who want to earn money from freelancing.

    • You’re welcome! If your profile is old, I don’t think there’s a problem with that. But if your stats are too low, for example order completion being less than 90% and everything else being messy, I’d recommend you to create a new profile IF you do not have that much reviews on the current one. Make sure to keep everything improved on the new profile.

  4. All the information was really so good.
    Can you give me a Video tutorial for this gig ranking system that will be best for us.
    however thanks for your Good article.

    • Glad it helped you. Right now I do not plan on to create videos, I rarely find time to even write this stuff out but soon I’m planning on to become more active with the wrtiting though. You’re welcome.

  5. Thank you for your informative guide. As i’m new and yet to join Fiverr, I have few queries:

    Q1) ) How will a buyer know that I have multiple Gigs in different sub categories ? For example- In the graphic design section- Suppose I have gigs is Logo design & another say illustration.
    Is there any need to inform the buyers about the presence of my other services?

    Q2) Can I change average response time from 2 hours to 4 or 5 hours regularly ? During mid-night its certainly not possible to respond to buyers quickly. So whats your opinion ?

    Q3) Is there any LIMIT to the amount of Gig image varieties in the specific Sub category ?
    Can a seller create more than 10 variations if he likes ?

    Q4) In the Buyers job request section, do the jobs come in category wise ? Will they be related to my gig service or I have to manually search ?

    Q5) Do Custom Offers to buyers help ? If yes, then in what manner ?

    Q6) Can I increase the PRICE of my Premium and standard packages just after getting a Five star review from the first buyer ? Or Should I increase the price after completing say 20 orders ?

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey, You’re welcome.

      1. All the gigs you create are visible on your profile.

      2. It’s calculated automatically. You can reply to the messages you get at night, in the morning time. That won’t affect anything that much.

      3. Each seller level has a specific number of gigs he can create. You can read more about it on fiverr.com/levels

      4. They will automatically appear according to the services you are selling.

      5. If you do not have any package in your gig of suppose, $50, then you can send them a custom offer of $50. It also helps you offer something not mentioned in the gig description.

      6. You can increase it whenever you want though, but I’d recommend getting a lot of feedback first on your gig and in future you can change it to a little higher price. So yeah, after 20-30 orders is perfect time.

      Suggestions would be that you can earn a lot from this place if you work hard, that won’t go all in vain. Plus, have a lot of patience.

  6. Outstanding Post! I appreciate you.
    I have a little bit of confusion. Hope, you will guide me.
    I have changed my gig title many times. Therefore, my gig title is different from gig URL and I don’t get any order yet. So,
    Should I delete my current gig and create again in order to match gig URL and gig title?

    • Thanks for reading, if you do not have any orders or reviews on your gig you can create a new one otherwise I would recommend using this one and work hard to get more orders on it. Just use a suitable title and the URL part is alright.

  7. hey afnan brother thank you very much for share this very very very useful information I have read this blog before 2 days and I create gig after reading this blog then I created 1 gig and really bruh you won’t believe my gig rank on the first page but I got less order so I created one more gig and that’s stuck on the second page I don’t know what I do so please review my gig and tell me what is there mistake I am very worried about it.

  8. Thank for this tip but I need a help
    I search my gig online active gig sometime unable to see my gig and sometime it will show and what can cause this???

    • You’re welcome. Gigs show different each time even you reload the page, and they are also sometimes different depending upon the location.

  9. I am facing a strange problem. I was getting good orders and reviews for the past 1 year. But suddenly i drop down in the search list and now the orders are not coming as they should. I always keep check on my stats and they are always good. Nothing bad is shown but why the sudden drop and now no orders ?

      • Thank you for the reply but my actual question was why i am dropping down in search list ? and if sales are low then why others have 5 to 10 orders pending in my category which are above me?

        • You have to compare the number of reviews they actually have. If their accounts already have a lot of reviews and they are not just starting out, then they can have that much amount of orders. I’d recommend to wait or get orders from some of your clients so your gig can do better.

  10. Hi, It’s really great and helpful.

    Let’s share something with you. I have an account already. I have completed 9 order so far & net income &294.4 average selling price is $41.2 all are 5 star review. Unfortunately my gig is not on 1st page on fiverr search result.

    After read this article I got an idea how fiverr search result work.

    I have a question!

    If I delete my current gig ( I have only one gig) and create a new gig as well as apply this trick will it works for me?

    Please share your experience to reply this comment.


  11. You have done well bro. I reallyappreciate of that. It’s very helpful for me…
    Thankyou for your better support. If I need any help to you how can I get you?
    Take a bow ❤.

    • You’re welcome. I did wrote a lot about this, but there still seems to be something missing in this as I find out what it is and how we can improve I will surely update this post.

  12. I really appreciate the piece of information you shared. No doubt these tips will work for all freelancer whatever services they are offering. JazakAllah

  13. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.
    You definitely know what youre talking about, why throw
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  14. Having read this I thought it was rather informative.

    I appreciate you taking the time and effort to
    put this information together. I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and posting comments.
    But so what, it was still worthwhile!

  15. Hey Afnan,

    I have total of 9 orders and 8 orders I have on Facebook marketing gig and 1 on other one but when I tried to research with my username on google my 2 other gigs are showing but the 3 which is for Facebook Marketing is not even showing in google research with my username.

    I can provide you my gig link too if you can help me with how I can improve this?


    • Hey, You do not have to rank your gig on google actually but have to do it on Fiverr’s Search Engine. That’s what this articles talks about.

  16. It is perfect time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy.

    I have read this post and if I could I want to suggest you few interesting things or advice.
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    • I can’t provide the one I have. It wouldn’t help either as what will you do when the theme has an update. You cannot always ask me for it…

  20. Greeting,
    This Article is very Informative, I do Appreciate your Struggle. Also, Peoples ask Questions to you. I read the answer to these questions. After reading this, My Basic Question is cleared.
    Now I have Some Questions.
    My Gig was ranking on the First page in my niche and Order were coming continuously, Because my Gig was on the first Pages.
    Some bad Reviews, which reviews 3o to 45 Days ago, Destroy my Gig Ranking and my positive Rating Down (4.7), thAT is very Effect on my Gig Ranking. Within 48 Hours, I did Improve it. Now My Positive Rating is (4.8). Also, I have Used Good Keywords and used some Keywords in Description after reading your article. I have Avg. Selling Price ($43.23) and Conversion Rate (10.52%).
    But My Gig is not Showing on the First Page and My Niche. Give me Any Tip About That according to your Experience.
    Q2: How Long Should I wait after changing the Gig(Some Changes in my Gig like Description, 1 Tag).
    Q3: I did contact my old clients and get some order with Discount rate also they give me a Good Review with 5 Star. But My Gig is not Showing on First Page.
    Reminder: This Happened to me 3 to 5 Days Ago.

  21. This is one of the best post I’ve read in 2020. I’m also a new seller on Fiverr, looking to up my metrics.

    I will subscribe to this blog and will be in touch. I really loved the tips, I will adjust my gis to accomodate for my keywords.

    Thanks brother.!

  22. I like this article because I am a new seller of the Fiverr. I want to help from any resource this is a great site for gig promotion I will promote my gigs and get more selling.

    • It’s sad that you think this website is a great way for gig promotion. Most of the visitors on this website are SELLERS and not buyers, there’s no benefit in promoting on my website. That also sounds like you’re not reading and benefiting from what is being published on this website, rather just considering it a place where you can promote.

  23. Thanks for this informative message.
    I have a few questions.
    1. Why it’s that when you change level, you find it difficult to receive a new offer. why its that way? does Fiverr has anything to do with this? I’m almost in that situation 6days without a new offer, and I stay online 24/7.

  24. Thanks for share very essential tips to get the gigs top ranking. But I do not properly understand how to increase my gig conversion rate?. I’m very Benefited If anybody tell me details about this topic.

    • Conversion rate is increased when more people contacting you end up placing an order, you do this by improving communication with buyers so they can purchase from you.

  25. Hello Afnan Abbasi,

    Thank you so Much the Tips.

    I am working on Fiverr since 2015. Some of my gigs were doing great but I did some mistakes in the past as you also mentioned in your topic.

    I just want to ask some of my gigs have 80, 65, 75 reviews but I changed their images or titles or prices time by time. Now they are not working even I tried to change the keywords etc. They are almost dead. I want to create the same niche gigs but I have to delete them first. Would you prefer to delete them?

    I would like to hear from you. Btw, I learned a lot from your topic. Thank you again!
    ALLAH bless you!!

    Best Regards
    Azaan Munir

  26. Thank You Afnan Abbasi for the nice tips shared.
    But I’m facing a big issue with my Fiverr account now. People don’t view my gigs again and I don’t get Visitors anymore. The worst is that I can’t send offers to buyers.
    I really need assistance to make my account vibrant.

  27. Hello, great article! I’m just curious about the “Don’ts in Fiverr”, what will actually happen if you change Gig Image again and again? I changed my Gig image yesterday and suddenly I can’t search for my gig anymore in the buyer section. It used to be on the first page though. Others say it will come back within 24hrs after editing it. Is there any remedy for it? Thanks!

    • It just disappears temporarily when you change gig image but from what I remember this doesn’t happen any longer now. Either way, it just comes back after some time so you can change the image.

    • Honestly that never really helped me with directly sharing a link. You should help someone around the web in groups if you find any and sometimes they pay you to get more work from you.

  28. Hi,
    Very helpful stuff. I want to ask some questions though.
    I’ve joined Fiverr a month ago. Since then, I’ve completed 2 orders with 5 star ratings on a single gig.
    But, from last 10 days my gig isn’t ranking on first page.

    What changes should i make to gig?

    Other question is, I think I haven’t done proper keyword SEO stuff for my other 3 gigs so can I delete my gig in case to create a new one?

    Will it have any negative impact?

    • Hey, don’t delete gigs just improve the ones you already have some reviews on. You will eventually start getting more orders.

  29. Good Day Admin, What A Wonderful Content, Have created my since last 6 days and i don’t have any order yet, any help?
    then i will like to connect with you on Whatsapp

    • Hi, Thank you. I don’t think 6 days is enough to get an order, people don’t even get one in months but still wait. Would recommend having patience. I do not have Whatsapp.

  30. Hey bro,

    I just wanted to know that my Fiverr account was deleted as I was using my office ID on the same laptop and the same IP address.

    So can I create a new ID again?

    Looking forward to your response


  31. Hey actually i created a gig on On page Seo Category everything is optimized but my gig is not showing is it possible to create a new account and again create a gig with new title and everythig does it help me? or i change the title and description of my previous gig ranked it? please guide me.

  32. Hello Afnan!
    This is a great article; I have a question, its my sixth day on fiverr and I have so far got 546 impressions, 5 clicks and 2 orders. is it a good progress?

  33. I am new in this field and honestly, I don’t know how to prolong this. I am facing issues regarding buyer requestt,not having a single order

  34. Wonderful article, you are so generous on information.
    Please I want to ask some questions.
    1. Is it the description of the first gig every visitor would see when they branch on my profile?
    Why I’m asking this is because, I had only one gig in my profile and I wasn’t satisfied with it, I deleted it, yet I’m still seeing the description of the gig. Because I want to delete everything about that gig and setup a gig in another niche.

    Please let me know what you suggest. I hope to hear from you soon. thanks

    • Hello, Thanks for reading. No, the gig description is the description they only see when they click and open your gig. Once you delete a gig I dont think you should be able to see anything related to that gig. Maybe you are talking about profile description. So yeah, just delete the gig and create a new one there won’t be issues with it.

  35. After getting 6 orders as a new seller my gig ranked and shows on 1st page but after 1 week my gig disappeared and now it only show on last page with online filter. What to do??

    • It depends on category etc. right now competition in a lot of categories is too much, so try getting orders somewhere where the competition is low and eventually have your main gig running through it.


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